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RARE PLANET mainly targets men fashion Industry. We work towards one goal, making fashion for men more comfortable and stylish without having to emptying the consumer’s pocket. Just as it’s name , we offer uniqueness in our products with a variety of designs and handpicked clothing material which are a perfect combination of comfort and style. Our offering of new, fresh and raw sense of style are what makes the statement for the brand itself in the world.

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If you have ever dressed up in clothes made from unprecedented fabrics and designs, you sure would have experienced an upsurge of self-esteem that comes along with it. We all have a separate selection of clothes for different occasions. For instance, our mind immediately goes to casual wears whenever we think of daily use. A natural lean towards floral + funky prints and flowy fits for Casual or modest outfits for formal occasions is a clear indication that our subconscious and hearts have a unique perception of fashion.

We are a brand which work in the extreme detailing at every step. Starting from the designing done by our team of designers who are always on the look out of what is in trend and what could be.